"This is basically porn on Instagram. You degrade women with each photo. No wonder men think of women as possession's. Try posting real pics about welding!"

- Female Instagram user 2014


"That's just one if the safety violations... Lol!!"....No gloves, sleeves, jacket!"

Instagram user 2015


"Beats a tanning booth."

- male Instagram user 2014


"Umm ever herd of welders flash!! Mask isn't even protecting her eyes!! Or she's not even looking at what she's welding!! Gonna be some shitty beads!!!"

- guy named johnny


"I hope this bitch gets the worst burns of her life *laughing smiley face*"

- male instagram user with bible verse in bio


"I'm not sure what type of "spatter" she's selling."

- two men talking to each other


"That's just plain reckless."

- anonymous


"How to get Miller to send you a free welder."

- female welder instagram user


"I think I see some safety glasses on her, but where's her other glove?! #oshagonnagetya"

- male instagram user


"Definitely some fluids missing from this picture."

- Male instagram user 2016


"That's just as smart as cooking bacon naked."

- male instagram user 2014


"I don't see any work getting done."

- male welder instagram user


"Looking good . There's no way there's any welding going on though. You'd be scared head to toe in that get up and modeling career over. . Just saying . ;) All for the camera"

- male instagram user with private profile


"I wanna weld her cracks with my 1/4" welding rod! Haha"

- male instagram user 2017