(wh)ORE HAüS

O  R  E  - noun,  1.  a source from which valuable matter   (as metal) is extracted.



(wh)ORE HAüS was founded in 2012 by a model who empowered herself after a breakup by picking up a welding torch.


(wh)ORE HAüS is a furniture and design studio offering a range of products from the newly launched bedroom collection to one-of-a-kind and bespoke pieces for residential and commercial spaces. 


(wh)ORE HAüS is based out of a 7000sq ft warehouse in Downtown Los Angeles.


(wh)ORE HAüS is a play on words.  The definition of the word "ORE" is: n.  A source from which valuable matter (as metal) is extracted. Adding the (wh) infuses the (wh)ORE HAüS brand with a provocative and unapologetic air of femininity. Within the realm of (wh)ORE HAüS and it's customers, the word (wh)ORE has taken on a semantic shift from a sexually derogatory denotation to an empowering connotation.The result is a product and experience that is both raw and refined, edgy and elegant.